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A different Milan, despite…

In the capital of Lombardy, currently shaken by Expo, emirs are attracted not only by the new impressive skyscrapers. In Porta Nuova area, for example, there is a nice eco-friendly building. It is now the seat of Google Italia and was designed by one of the most skilled architects in low impact, high comfort and energy saving projects: William McDonough + Partners (he is one of the co-founders of the “Cradle to cradle” eco-friendly certification method). In addition, there are two new comfortable presence. The first one is the residential building designed by architect Guido Canella in the so-called Portello area, where there once was the Alfa Romeo plant. The quality of the solutions available, of the materials used, of light and of volumes – in and outside the buildings projected by the great Parmesan architect – open both the sight and the soul. Exactly the opposite of what often happens with other new buildings and squares, which are particularly low end.

Milan next “high-line” completes this scene of delight and relief. The nickname derives from the magnificent promenade obtained from the former sky train in the West Side of New York. It is called “Guardami” (i.e. Look at me) and it is being realized on the Bussa flyover, in the Garibaldi-Isola quarter.

The flyover will be a pedestrian zone and will have several flowerbeds, besides two small public squares. There, people will have the chance of sit on benches facing the town around. This project, which won a contest, is signed by T-Spoon studio. Those citizens who love walking and cycling are very satisfied with such a solution. Drives, instead, are surely less content, because they will lose an important parking area in a central and strategic area. Nevertheless, this will be a good occasion for using more and more the means of transport, which do not lack surely in Milan.

A different Milan, despite…

A biodynamic life
by Giuliana Zoppis

A different Milan, despite…

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