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Bills? The advantages of purchasing in groups

A new collective experience is offering several Italian families the chance of reducing the impact of energy bills on their budgets. It is called abbassa la bolletta (i.e. reduce your bill) and it is a light and gas purchasing group launched by Altroconsumo (an association for consumer information and protection, with its own magazine and website), which over 160 thousand people have joined so far.

In many Italian regions the participation to GAS – groups for the ethical purchasing of food and cleaning products – is quite widespread, granting satisfaction, effectiveness, economic advantages and high quality in the purchases made.

The energy GAS shows that by aggregating even for energy consumption it is possible to save money. Similar initiatives are ongoing successfully in Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. In the last six months, in Italy light prices have increased of 11.2 per cent (according to Eurostat) vs. the average 6.1 per cent of the Eurozone. That’s why abbassa la bolletta is collecting so many subscriptions. As far as gas is concerned, Italy is 9th in the prices increase rank (+10.3 per cent). If we consider the cost of 100 kilowatts in Italy (9.2 euros), though, we are more expensive than the European average (7.2 euros). To keep constantly high the energy GAS advantage, Altroconsumo organizes periodically out-and-out auctions among light and gas suppliers, communicating then to the subscribers the results. All the energy suppliers can take part to auctions to propose their most favourable rate, but only after Altroconsumo has thoroughly verified their conditions. Once the most convenient supplier has been chosen, Altroconsumo receives from it 14 euros for each single consumption contract stipulated and forward then the sum to the user, if subscriber of the association.

Bills? The advantages of purchasing in groups

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by Giuliana Zoppis

Bills? The advantages of purchasing in groups

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