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From sheep to wool

Have you ever wondered how many miles does a wool sweater do, before arriving in your closets? How that interweaving of threads can create soft and enveloping clothes? Wool is indispensable to protect from the cold and is ideal for being outdoors and playing sports (even in summer the “cool wool” guarantees a special comfort), but most of the time the consumer just care about the quantity of real wool inside the sweater or blanket that he is buying.

The wool district of Biella has innovated by by focusing on environmental and social responsibility.

Yet, the processes of sorting, washing, carding and combing of wool are fundamental to create to a good and durable product, as well as the quality of the colours used, the patterns and textures applied. Not surprisingly, one of the districts most virtuous in terms of wool, the one of Biella, has focused heavily on the transparency of components and manufacturing processes. It has evolved also in terms of environmental and social responsibility, developing a system of supply chain excellence and becoming a privileged interlocutor of the World Congress IWTO, 2013 (the 82nd meeting of the International wool textile organization that took place in June 2013 in Biella). A consumer aware of the value linked to the origin of the product he’s buying is informed and naturally oriented to sustainability.

From sheep to wool

A biodynamic life
by Giuliana Zoppis

From sheep to wool

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This is the section led by Giuliana Zoppis, architect, journalist and expert of ecodesign, biobuilding and socio-environmental sustainability. In 2006, together with Clara Mantica , she founded Best Up the first chain for promoting the sustainable living.