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Gotham Greens, the garden in the greenhouse on the roof

What we usually have in mind when we talk about Km 0 is a product that arrives at the supermarket from a farm that is only a few kilometres from it. Or, as in the portaNatura case, delivered directly at the citizen’s doorstep from the green hills of La Raia and within an hour’s van. In the immediate future, though, you can also refer to tomatoes or zucchini that comes directly…. from upstairs! The model that could give another boost to the virtuous geography of the food chain comes from Brooklyn (New York) where the most famous brand for American distribution sustainable foods, Whole Foods, has signed an agreement with the local society Gotham Greens for the design, implementation and management of the first integration of a store with a real farm in a greenhouse capable of producing and supplying fresh vegetables directly to the residents of the building (as well as other distribution units of Whole Foods in New York).

Soon in Brooklyn it will be possible to buy fresh fruits and vegetables grown in greenhouses located on the top floor of apartment buildings.

The farm will be managed in a responsible manner avoiding the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Furthermore, employing modern technologies for irrigation, the system will have a water consumption twenty times lower than the traditional farms. Even the energy for air-conditioning will be contained through the use of advanced glazing and electrical equipment. Not to mention the savings in terms of fuel and CO2 emissions thanks to the proximity of the farm to the point of distribution; furthermore, consumers will benefit of the freshness of the products also in terms of taste and health. The new point of production and distribution will open by the end of 2013 and according to the plans of Whole Foods and it will create many new jobs in Brooklyn. The company plans to use the facility for some training days targeted at local schools on sustainable production and environmental initiatives.

Gotham Greens, the garden in the greenhouse on the roof

A biodynamic life
by Giuliana Zoppis

Gotham Greens, the garden in the greenhouse on the roof

News, events, products and services for an innovative and conscious lifestyle:
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This is the section led by Giuliana Zoppis, architect, journalist and expert of ecodesign, biobuilding and socio-environmental sustainability. In 2006, together with Clara Mantica , she founded Best Up the first chain for promoting the sustainable living.