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How many things can you do with coffee

As all the Italians well know, you can do several things with coffee: espresso and cappuccino, coffee ice cream, coffee shake, Irish coffee or coffee cake. Each of our fellow citizens have surely at least a nice memory connected to a cup of coffee.

Well, at present, you can do several things with coffee powder and grounds.

Anti-cellulite moulds, for instance, or nice design objects as demonstrated by Raul Lauri, a young Spanish designer from Alicante. He recycled coffee grounds and converted them into a heterogeneous, resistant and recyclable material he has then used to create a lamp called Decafé. Coffee grounds – kept together with a natural glue and transformed through pressure and temperature – take on the consistency necessary to realize a new line of lighting objects. In addition, when you turn them on, they also spread a delicate aroma in the environment (remember this peculiarity before placing them in a room…). In the meantime, someone has also designed using coffee pods (www.ecocentriche.com). This is a very interesting idea. The most recent studies on unsorted waste in Lombardy show, in fact, how pods are dangerously increasing the volumes of special garbage disposal, unlike soft pods made of textile paper that on the contrary, are biodegradable.

How many things can you do with coffee

A biodynamic life
by Giuliana Zoppis

How many things can you do with coffee

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