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Lets insulate but wisely

In Great Britain, the BBC is raising a question, which is worth to consider: due to the increasing summer heat, those houses, insulated thanks to the Green Deal (the British incentives scheme), can become uninhabitable in July and August, in particular on first and last floors. This is especially true as far as apartments or terraced houses built after 1960 are concerned. In 2013, record temperatures were registered in Northern Europe. As we know, this is becoming a frequent phenomenon.

British researchers believe that in summers yet to come we will have to modify radically our domestic uses and habits.

The adaptation to new climatic conditions starts from the shell of our houses. Among the most recent phenomena, though still slightly considered, there is the overheating due to excessive insulation. Buildings energy requalification is involving several industrialized areas, and governments are strongly incentivizing it. Nevertheless, such a requalification, if not well balanced, can cause inconveniences in summer. Some examples: the adoption of draught-proof sealed windows, together with double or triple glazing, exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) or super insulated roofs. The whole question cannot be ignored and has to be reasoned a lot. While projecting a building requalification, therefore, it might be useful to plan adopting the so-called passive methods to keep excessive heat out: shutters, shielding, high albedo colours (i.e. light ones) and, why not, vertical gardens. Such systems, or at least some of them, have been using by hundreds of years in Southern Mediterranean countries. They can reduce considerably both overheating and domestic air conditioning usage.

Lets insulate but wisely

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by Giuliana Zoppis

Lets insulate but wisely

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