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Abandoned Spaces? Let’s Reuse Them!

Abandoned spaces? Let’s reuse them!

Empty spaces in our towns are a sort of “urban reserve” where you can experience collective dreams. How is it possible? Sometimes such spaces are saved from decay by reusing them temporarily for residential, cultural, social and entrepreneurial projects. Temporiuso…



Last February, FIRAB, the Italian foundation for research in organic and biodynamic farming, started a series of activities toward Grundtvig –Democratization of agricultural research, the European project it is working at together with French, Swiss and English partners. Italy is…

Music Can Reduce Consumption

Music can reduce consumption

Music is a powerful carrier of strong values and contents, thanks to its ability to involve. A virtuous example is its contribution to development and diffusion of an environmentally friendly awareness. Great contemporary interpreters like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen…

ClimAbita: Sustainable Building And Living

ClimAbita: sustainable building and living

ClimAbita Foundation was born in 2012 following the will of Norbert Lantschner, the genius creator of the Casaclima Protocol and former director of the namesake Agency of the Bolzano province for over ten years. The new Foundation wants to promote…

Houseworks Data

Houseworks data

In May 2014 Panasonic has spread a research it had commissioned on ways and times of the habits related to houseworks in Europe. It has revealed that on the average women spend over a year (385 days of their life)…

Seeding Values To Go Far

Seeding values to go far

How an enterprise can create job and beauty? How can you take care of people, the environment, and the territory and, at the same time, produce profits? How can an Italian company be international and remain tied to the land,…

A Handbook For Electronic Waste

A handbook for electronic waste

In Italy Ecolight is the consortium that gathers over 1,500 producers and distributors of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE). Born in 2004, it is the reference point also for large retailers. The consortium has drawn up three basic advices for…

The Italians Are Great Reusers

The Italians are great reusers

In the last 5 years, 48% of the Italians have purchased from second-hand markets and 41% affirm they want to continue with such a habit. These are the main figures from the 2013 National Report on reuse by the Second-hand…

Rhome’s Challenge

Rhome’s challenge

Solar Decathlon 2014, the international Olympics of the environmental friendly architecture (USA) has chosen the Italian Chiara Tonelli, architect and professor at UniRoma 3. Next June, in Versailles, she will bring Rhome the eco-friendly building: affordable, energy efficient and perfectly…