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The Protection Of Seeds

The protection of seeds

Vandana Shiva is a world-renowned activist and environmentalist. She fought against GMOs, the careless waste of water and natural resources and is now vice president of Slow Food. During the last edition of Terra Futura in Florence (good practices and…

Olivetti Culture

Olivetti Culture

It has been recently held in Ancona all'Istao the first Festival of Olivetti culture. An opportunity to reflect on the situation of our country through the lens of thought and action of the great entrepreneur and visionary. To get back…

A Multi Function Packaging

A multi function packaging

Pfeiffer Lab, an American eco-design company, reinvents the packaging for the transportation of wine and creates a multifunctional object that is, at the same time, a system for storing bottles. In partnership with Malama Composites, which produces bio-plastics, the U.S.…

Virtues For A Change Together

Virtues for a change together

It is on sale in bookstores a useful book to understand the present, with the great need that many have expressed to share experiences and choices of life: "Virtues that change the world. Participation and conflict for the common good…

The Waste Hunter

The waste hunter

Who lives in Bologna and has a smartphone or a tablet from today can signal the presence of litter and rubbish left in the street, bulky and presumably other dangerous or unpleasant situations for citizenship. This will be possible thanks…

A Greener Home

A greener home

Attention to the environment and to the health are the leading factors not only for urban transformations, but also for renovations of the buildings.
This is what emerges from the research “Living green: trends and future market drivers” fulfilled in April…

Women Chooses

Women chooses

It’s the result of a research made by the portal lavorofatto.it - which follows the branch of household’renovation and maintenance - about the procedures in the choice of artisans and entrepreneurs for home reparation and renovation. The survey (5 thousand…