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The city and the water: a recovery story

The artisanal area also known as “Due Laghi” (two lakes), nearby Pietrasanta in Versilia, is regenerating. It all began two years ago with the first of two summer school, architecture students, engineering, design and academy students working together on the restoring of this area. A magnificent situation characterised by a high environmental and landscape value,  domicile of  artistic activities between inland and water, allowing the area to be well-known and appreciated.

The students were guided by the architect Santiago Cirugeda (Recetas urbanas – Siviglia) and they elaborated very fascinating proposals gathered in the itinerant exhibition “The City and the Water”. The institutions involved in the organization of this project were the University of Pisa, the CAV (Centre of Visual Arts) and the municipality of Pietrasanta with the contribution of the Foundation Cassa di risparmio di Lucca, the company Graniti Fiandre, the bank Credito Cooperativo della Versilia Lunigiana e Garfagnana, the Fondazione D’Angiolo and Varia Versilia Ambiente.

The proposals of the project supplied useful information in order to make the area more functional and usable both for those who live and work there as well as visitors. Following a first phase of project planning, a second phase of auto-construction was much attended, combined with workshops coordinated by architects and artists such as Paolo Ulian, andrea Salvetti and Alessandra Capanna. The next appointment is the working session directed by   Andre Dekker from the public art observatory of Rotterdam. It is called “Michelangelo e la Versilia storica: intervento nel paesaggio” (Michelangelo and the historical Versilisa: intervention in its landscape) from the 25th of July to the 3rd of August 2016. On the tracks of the marble way that goes from the Apuan alps to the seaside, coasting the river Versilia. The exposition will be at Palazzo Mediceo of Seravezza (destec.unipi.it/thecityandthewater).

The city and the water: a recovery story

A biodynamic life
by Giuliana Zoppis

The city and the water: a recovery story

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