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The magic of alpine houses

Simple, nice building projects are expressly designed to live on top of mountains: wood and stone cottages – explotinig sun and wind –, which allow you to enjoy easily the wonderful sight on the mountains. The most famous houses of the Alps are signed by Carlo Mollino (Casa Capriata in the Aosta Valley), Franco Albini (Rifugio Pirovano), or Norman Forster (Chesa Futura in St Moritz).

Those who are fond of peak summit architecture can also explore the new log cabin, situated behind the small village of Vens, facing the mountain row going from the Emilius Mount to the Gran Paradiso range and the Grivola. Designed by the architects of Studio Albori in Milan, it is a real jewel.

The bearing structure consists in a wooden framework, visible in the southern façade, where all the rooms’ windows receive sunlight and overlook on the landscape. A highly insulated wooden shell on the other sides of the hut completes the structure. Solar energy is then used in three different ways: directly gathered through the south-facing windows; stored and then slowly released by the mineral salts contained in the PCM (Phase Change Material) glass walls, or transformed into electricity by the photovoltaic panels on the roof. The log cabin exploit just another power source: the firewood for the stove. The wood used for the structure and the exteriors is untreated, local larch (www.albori.it).

The magic of alpine houses

A biodynamic life
by Giuliana Zoppis

The magic of alpine houses

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