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The protection of seeds

Vandana Shiva is a world-renowned activist and environmentalist. She fought against GMOs, the careless waste of water and natural resources and is now vice president of Slow Food. During the last edition of Terra Futura in Florence (good practices and sustainable development, May 2013, Florence) she reiterated that agriculture is fundamental to face current environmental challenges and support the growth of green economy. The second stage of the “Global Campaign on freedom of seeds” ,promoted by Navdanya International, of which the Indian scientist is the founder, took place in Florence (also because Tuscany is the first region in Italy to have signed a law on collective ownership on local varieties, protecting them from patents of multinational corporations). The campaign aims to make people, communities, institutions and governments aware on the serious risk to the future of global food security, that is seriously in danger due to the disappearance of local seeds and also for the proliferation of patents and laws that favour monocultures, monopolies and privatization.

Vandana Shiva is the bearer of a message of warning: the global food security is seriously in danger.

To reinforce the message, the collaboration between the Association and Banca Etica, with the launch of a protocol that aims to create alliances to save the seeds, biodiversity, and the farmers’ rights to self-produce and exchange seeds. In Florence there were also the international experts of the group “Law of the Seed”, guided by Shiva: they want that nature’s biological and ecological laws, like diversity and adaptation, are considered as fundamental when governments sign laws and take decisions about seeds. Principles that are obviously in contrast with corporation’s interests  (since they have shaped the global law on intellectual property and patents, defining seeds as their creation and invention). “Our Law of the Seed aims to change the current paradigm – says Vandana Shiva – There is a European legislation that prevents farmers from using their own seeds and breaks, therefore, the sovereignty of the seed. The only way to protect farmers and jobs and protect the diversity and food, is to fight for the sovereignty of the seeds.”

The protection of seeds

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by Giuliana Zoppis

The protection of seeds

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