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The “sos” can be studied at the Athenaeum

Specialized courses on the acknowledgement of subjects in the sustainability field (green economy, biodesign, bio constructions, etc.) are springing up over night, and we are very happy about it. The first one was initiated a few years ago in the University of Siena, part of the ONU’s network on sustainable development solutions in the Mediterranean MED-SDSN (unisi.it/ usiena-sostenibilita). The list is growing: over 1.900 of “sos” imprint are registered today in Italy, of which 25.8% can be included in the athenaeums’ offers and 12.5% in the postgraduates academic opportunities. The most attractive branches, according to a report compiled by the Symbola and Unioncamere foundation, are those offered by the national athenaeums. Some examples: the Environmental Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Milan, the Energetic Engineering at University of Padova, Sapienza University in Rome and Alma Mater in Bologna. Who can afford it, can look into the Environmental Economics at London School of Economics.

Among the newest “made in Italy” courses, starting in September 2015, we point out two private “schools of the future” that promise to be useful and interesting.

The first is the SOS (School of Sustainability) launched by Mario Cuccinella, of one the most eco-active men in the world. The headquarter will be in Bologna, in a new large area of urban regeneration (a disused establishment, where the designer will also transfer his studio, mcarchitects.it). «SOS will be a great detector of changes, an exchange setting for the industry’s young creative researchers, professionals and businesses in order to develop innovative projects for the society, the economics and the environment, through research and experimentations». The other school where to acquire a 360 degrees perspective of the tools for the “green” future is the University of sustainability, created by the EStà association in Milan and directed by Massimiliano Lepratti who explains: «Our intention is to provide more of an an economic and management education comparing to other schools. The dream which is at the foundation of this project is to reverse the usual Italian educational path (and not only), based on the assumption that the more you follow on your academic career the more you have to specialize. In a fast and ever changing society such as the one of today, we believe on the contrary that it is better to match an academic path given by the traditional university to a solid interdisciplinary education, brief but intense. Resilience to changes and capacity to find/ create new jobs are needed, thanks to the systemic use of thought. This is what we want to offer to who will enroll to our programs, starting on the 14th of September». Info: www.unisost.org/wp/corsi.

The “sos” can be studied at the Athenaeum

A biodynamic life
by Giuliana Zoppis

The “sos” can be studied at the Athenaeum

News, events, products and services for an innovative and conscious lifestyle:
all that can give an ecologic shift to everyday actions with responsibility, curiosity, creativity and the desire of improving us and the world we live in.

This is the section led by Giuliana Zoppis, architect, journalist and expert of ecodesign, biobuilding and socio-environmental sustainability. In 2006, together with Clara Mantica , she founded Best Up the first chain for promoting the sustainable living.