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Too much waste lets think of it even while watching a movie

According to scientists, an entire planet and a half isn’t enough anymore. The planet’s ecological footprint is far greater than the natural resources we are consuming.

Two researchers – William Rees and Mathis Wackernagel – introduced first the idea of footprint in 1996, including arable fields, pastures, forests and fish basins among the natural renewable resources, about 12 billion hectares in all, versus an average human demand per year of 18 billion hectares.

Experts also affirm that last 20 August 2013 the threshold of sustainable consumption was definitively passed. Well, to reflect on all such issues and even more – e.g. the non-compostable waste overproduction or the need of reducing the usage of plastic – we suggest you to watch a great movie: Trashed (UK, 2012, 97′), by Candida Brady, a documentarist, and with Jeremy Irons as actor and co-producer. Irons himself brings the public throughout the five continents, showing them how much air-, land- and oceans pollution is threatening not only our health but also the very existence of the humankind. This movie is a strong accusation against world economy, but also a great stimulus toward struggle and change for a better world.

Too much waste lets think of it even while watching a movie

A biodynamic life
by Giuliana Zoppis

Too much waste lets think of it even while watching a movie

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all that can give an ecologic shift to everyday actions with responsibility, curiosity, creativity and the desire of improving us and the world we live in.

This is the section led by Giuliana Zoppis, architect, journalist and expert of ecodesign, biobuilding and socio-environmental sustainability. In 2006, together with Clara Mantica , she founded Best Up the first chain for promoting the sustainable living.