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Virtues for a change together

It is on sale in bookstores a useful book to understand the present, with the great need that many have expressed to share experiences and choices of life: “Virtues that change the world. Participation and conflict for the common good “, by Guido Viale (Feltrinelli Editore, series White Series). The “virtues” of which Viale talks are choices, guidance, knowledge, behaviours and habits that born and develop in an environment of participation and reciprocity.

Dignity, acceptance, empathy, restraint, knowledge: these are the virtues. A new decalogue, honest and useful to undertake significant changes in the world together.

They are also training paths of a new capacity for self-determination needed to build a different relationship with the community, provide an opening to a “different world” and to avoid the possibility of waiting helplessly environmental and economic catastrophe looming. Each chapter of the book, in presenting a “virtue”, refers to moments of social and environmental struggle in different urban areas, tangible actions that have been promoting a substantial increase in solidarity, awareness, experiences and strength of its protagonists. The list of “virtues” clarifies the approach of the author: dignity, acceptance, empathy, restraint, knowledge. A new decalogue, honest and helpful to point out the paths that can lead to small, significant changes in the world. According to the principle that everyone, if motivated, can “make a difference”.

Virtues for a change together

A biodynamic life
by Giuliana Zoppis

Virtues for a change together

News, events, products and services for an innovative and conscious lifestyle:
all that can give an ecologic shift to everyday actions with responsibility, curiosity, creativity and the desire of improving us and the world we live in.

This is the section led by Giuliana Zoppis, architect, journalist and expert of ecodesign, biobuilding and socio-environmental sustainability. In 2006, together with Clara Mantica , she founded Best Up the first chain for promoting the sustainable living.