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Once social matters or economic and social sustainability were voiced by Vita – magazine, website and newsletter at the same time –, which dealt with those people, public administrators and entrepreneurs, who had individual and earth well-being as their priority. Meanwhile, Italia che cambia (A changing Italy) and Il giornale delle belle notizie (The good news magazine) had the idea of enhancing positive stories. The former is a portal mapping good examples, with 18 networks in the territory and 1,800 censused virtuous initiatives. The latter is a web-media and an Fb page, which forward optimistic information gathered among their 10 thousand followers worldwide. Last September Corriere della Sera reached the top, though, thanks to its new magazine: Buone Notizie – L’impresa del bene(Good news – The right enterprise). It’s a free attachment spread Tueasdays with the newspaper. Professor Stefano Zamagni (one of the 17 members of the magazine scientific committee) affirmed, «We all have desire and need of positivity in our heart». And Mauro Magatti, the sociologist, said «people identifies themselves with this stories because they involve, directly or indirectly, our lives». Several journalists of Corriere are writing now on such new pages about examples of people, communities and enterprises, which look for alternative solutions to defeatism, crisis and moral decay. It is not a collection of fine edifying stories, but the report of that part of the world made up of thousands of enterprises, of seven million of volunteers, of foundations, associations, groups, research centers and school gathered in the so-called third sector. This formula is particularly appreciated by readers, according to consensuses. «People are looking for solutions and good things, both becuse they are fed up with what doesn’t function and because they want to leap forward. Telling about the many who are trying – goes on Magatti – has not a consolatory function. It can be, instead, an example, fostering growth».

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