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2014 harvest notes

  • 6 October 2014      |
2014 harvest notes

Grape harvest is ending at La Raia. 2014 has been a difficult year, as we all know. The year started with a warm rainy winter, continued with rainy spring and summer with temperatures below the average, and has faced an abnormal autumn we are all counting on. La Raia has had to fight against sometimes strong fungal infections, which have badly damaged both vines and production in vineyards traditionally farmed. The rusticity of our biodynamic vineyards, instead, together with our farmers’ almost obsessive attention to vines care have been bulwarks against diseases and bad weather. The recent fine weather, in addition, allowed us harvesting at best our production. With its musts, which are regularly fermenting and developing intense and broad scents, our production is well promising. This year we will obtain wines of great drinkability and nose, perhaps a little less alcoholic than usual. Nature has given its rules as it always does. Biodynamic farming has been able to interpret them at best, helping plants reacting with all their strengths.

by Piero Ballario, La Raia’s oenologist