Agriculture, nutrition and environment

  • 29 May 2014      |
Agriculture, nutrition and environment

At La Raia we farm 33 hectares of vineyards (one hundred hectares are cultivated organically in the Gavi area) and 70 hectares of fields, with yearly crop rotation. We share the research by prof. Martina Licitra, agronomo and professor at the Università degli Studi in Milan and discussed during the seminar A.A.A.: agricoltura, alimentazione e ambiente (agriculture, nutrition and environment). It offers a thorough overview on the diffusion of organic and Demeter farming both in Italy and in the nearby countries. Besides prof. Licitra also Franco Berrino (National Inst. Of Tumors), Carlo Triarico (Biodynamic Farming Ass.) and Aldo Paravicini Crespi (Cascine Orsine).