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An unusual honey campaign

  • 3 September 2015      |
An unusual honey campaign

This year honey campaign at La Raia has been very unusual. Francesco Panella describes it to us, with his unique style. The quality of our honeys derives from his passion and constant care. “A spring with a strong family development, limited swarming and abundant acacia honey production. Then a summer with high temperatures, which have caused great stress to vegetation and have dried up nectar and pollen secretions. Wildflower and honeydew honey production limited in quantity, but rich in floral aromas with lots of hues. Now beehives at La Raia are particularly healthy and winter bees population are preparing to face winter harshness and rest.” La Raia is once again an ideal oasis for bees. Have you already tried our honeys? You can buy them in all Naturasì shops, in portaNatura boxes, at Le Dolci Terre (Serravalle Designer Outlet) and directly in our farm.