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La Raia biodynamic farm at Festival delle Conoscenze

  • 18 October 2016      |
La Raia biodynamic farm at Festival delle Conoscenze

Festival delle Conoscenze takes place from 14 to 20 October in Novi Ligure, in collaboration with the local municipal administration. It has been organized – following a project by the cultural association Librialsole – to answer to an increasing need expressed by students, parents and teachers of understanding the challenges future generations will have to face both in society and in the world of work.
Piero Rossi Cairo, leading La Raia biodynamic farm and Tenuta Cucco, in Serralunga d’Alba since 2015, has been invited to tell students about his experience. He will present them the main aspects of the agricutural sector, above all the vine growing and wine producing one, and show how a unique company can offer several professionals opportunity and create a real team of experts in it. Among the guests: the Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs Enrico Morando, the Il Sole 24 Ore journalist Vito Lops, the climatologist Luca Mercalli and the astrophysicist Leopoldo Benacchio.