La Raia biodynamic wines at “Aperitivo per Expo”

  • 15 May 2014      |
La Raia biodynamic wines at “Aperitivo per Expo”

Università degli Studi, in Milan, organizes the initiative Aperitivo per Expo, from 19 to 25 May. The initiative aims at promoting the academic activities devoted to “Feeding the planet. Energy for life”, the theme chosen for the next Universal Exposition. On 20 May, from 17 to 20, the seminar A.A.A.: agricoltura, alimentazione e ambiente (agriculture, nutrition and environment) will take place in Milan, at Cascina Rosa botanical garden, via Valvassori Peroni 7. Experts will talk about food consumption habits, farming methods and sustainable production (organic and biodynamic), and of the important relationship between nutrition and health. At the end of the seminar it will be possible to taste organic and biodynamic products, served with La Raia biodynamic wines. Among the speaker: Franco Berrino (Ist. Naz. Dei Tumori), Carlo Triarico (Ass. Agricoltura Biodinamica) and Aldo Paravicini Crespi (Cascine Orsine).