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La Raia spelt flour used by Pasta d’Alba

  • 12 November 2013      |
La Raia spelt flour used by Pasta d’Alba

Our wholeweat spelt flour now becomes pennette, tagliolini, fusilli and tagliatelle produced by Pasta d’Alba, a young and dynamic enterprise founded in 2006 by Dario e Rosangela Mainardi, whose keywords are quality, creativity and innovation.
The best organic millet, turmeric, amaranth and quinoa pasta on the market are by Pasta d’Alba. These are authentic specialities now joined by the spelt one.
You can buy Pasta d’Alba products – including the new types produced with La Raia spelt flour – on the Pasta d’Alba and portaNatura websites and at La Raia winery. If you happen to be in Milan, you can also buy them at the Centro Botanico shops in Via Vincenzo Monti, via Cesare Correnti and Piazza San Marco; at the Mercato verde in via Beruto; at Bottegas in via Colletta and at the NaturaSì shops in viale Umbria and viale Indipendenza.
We are very glad to share this new initiative with you all. We are looking forward to receiving your feedbacks.