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Our eleventh vintage is about to start!

  • 2 September 2015      |
Our eleventh vintage is about to start!

Our eleventh vintage is going to start next week. Piero Ballario, our oenologist, does anticipate it to us: “The 2015 vintage at La Raia is extremely promising. Spring has been particularly rainy and this has balanced out the insufficient rains of July and August. Vines has taken the most from the great warmth and today are still luxuriant and green: this is very important, because leaves are the main makers of fruits ripening. Grapes have reached a good maturation level and we have planned the vintage a week in advantage than last year. Quality is high, fruits acidity is good: the ideal mix. In the rows, you can find nice, healthy, golden grapes. A real feast for eyes.” And what about you? Will you join us?