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We are harvesting our Cortese grapes!

  • 23 September 2016      |
We are harvesting our Cortese grapes!

Since a few days we have started at La Raia the harvest of Cortese grapes, grown for years now by the Rossi Cairo family following the biodynamic principles of agricolture. Piero Ballario, the oenologist of the farm, is closely following the procedures that will lead to the 2016 Gavi wines. “The vintage had a droughty passage, however it did not worry the producers of the area as the quality and maturation of the grapes are awesome. As well as for the concentration of sugars with a good acidity while the grapes is pleasant to the eye with its nice golden yellow. The dry climate that characterized the last weeks resulted into smaller grains with a favorable skin/pulp ratio. There is more skin, therefore I am expecting a remarked sapidity in our 2016 Gavi wines, many perfumes and olfactory richness.”