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Welcome Gavi 2016!

  • 17 March 2017      |
Welcome Gavi 2016!

Sun is back, spring is near and our Gavi DOCG 2016 is finally ready! We have tasted it  for you with oenologist of Tenimenti Rossi Cairo, Piero Ballario, and Clara Milani, the young oenologist now part of La Raia team (you can see her in the picture as well!).  The 2016 vintage has been perfect in the vineyards: few rainfalls, strong temperature excursions between day and night, a pleasant sea breeze. Considering such conditions and thanks to our intervention following the biodinamic principles, we have obtained a straw yellow, with light greenish hints, fine wine, extremely variable in the nose. You can recognize the most immediate and classic withe flower and a citrus notes, then the sweeter  acacia honey undertones. In the mouth it is savoury and structured, full thanks its staying on natural leees, and with a great minerality taken from the soil. In brief, the Gavi you well know and love! You can purchase it here.