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La Raia biodynamic farm from the pages of Spirito di Vino

  • 17 October 2016      |
La Raia biodynamic farm from the pages of Spirito di Vino

La Raia biodynamic farm is protagonist of Spirito di Vino October issue. Luca Turner tells about our estate, our project, the biodynamic wines we produce, in a journey across a unique ecosystem: 180 hectares including vineyards, fields, pastures for our Fassone cows, chestnut, elderflower and acacia woodlands protecting numerous species of wild animals. Piero Rossi Cairo, second generation in the farm, is leading La Raia since 2015 with passion, competence and perseverance, making sustainable choices and searching for a balance which respect history, tradition and the territory. This approach allows the farm to grow Barbera and Cortese vines respecting the area and to produce Piedmont biodynamic red and white wines with strong characters and a surprisingly ability to evolve. La Raia wines can thus recover the Gavi terroir originality and vitality and tell a century-long history. Five the labels available: Gavi, Gavi Riserva, Gavi Pisé, Piemonte Barbera Largé and Piemonte Barbera. The biodynamic method has also restored in the estate cereals variety, like small spelt, that had almost disappeared, and fireflies, butterflies and bees in the fields, able to create areal oasis for producing organic honey. The wonderful pictures of our biodynamic farm are by Ugo Zamborlini.