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In The Countryside, Among Vineyards, Winecellars And Farmhouses

In the countryside, among vineyards, winecellars and farmhouses

  • 20 February 2014      |

How can we spend these late winter Sundays? But in the countryside, among vineyards, winecellars and farmhouses. That’s what Giuseppe Ortolano, a journalist for Tuttomilano-La Repubblica, suggests to his readers. He also invites them to visit La Raia for a…

La Raia: Successful Wines Even In Russia

La Raia: successful wines even in Russia

  • 17 December 2013      |

Empire of Taste, the Russian magazine dedicated to wine and fine food, has recently published an article on La Raia farm. In it, Elena Nagieva, Chief Operating Officer of Culinaryion, the largest international culinary school in Russia, suggests our wines…

La Raia: The Cortese Biodynamic Philosophy

La Raia: the Cortese biodynamic philosophy

  • 7 November 2013      |

Isabel Xie, Fiona Sun and Jade Li, journalists of the Chinese edition of “Revue du vin de France”, spent a whole day at La Raia. A slight rain welcomed them, together with some beautiful roses still guarding the rows. The…

La Raia, Organic Art And Nature

La Raia, organic art and nature

  • 27 September 2013      |

The magazine TuttoMilano dedicates an article to the event The Landscape of philosophers and artists organized by the Fondazione La Raia, art culture and territory, Saturday, Sept. 28 here at La Raia. A moment of encounter and dialogue with the…

Cucina Naturale Tells About La Raia

Cucina Naturale tells about La Raia

  • 30 July 2013      |

The food and wine writer Pier Paolo Rastelli dedicates an article to the bet of the Rossi family in Cairo in the territory of Gavi: biodynamic viticulture, eco-friendly architecture, cultivation of ancient varieties of grains, pastures and woods and a…

The Bet Of Rossi Cairo Family Told By “Il Mondo”

The bet of Rossi Cairo Family told by “Il Mondo”

  • 6 May 2013      |

The weekly publication “Il Mondo” dedicates an article to the choice of Giorgio Rossi Cairo to convert to biodynamic agriculture the cultivation of the estate La Raia, that he manages with his daughter Caterina and his son Piero. The results:…