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biodynamic farming

At La Raia we all consider the land as a precious gift, according to the idea of an agriculture that searches the quality of products in the quality of the environment.

For several years we have been taking up the biodynamic organic approach, meaning that, not only we banned the use of fertilisers and chemical products, we also seek for a way of recovering the terroir’s original vitality, richness and variety.

We consider La Raia as an unicum in which land, plants, animals and human presence are well balanced and all contribute to the wellbeing of the farm and the agricultural organic products we produce.

In our grazing lands, we breed Fassone cows free and besides vines, we cultivate 50 hectares of soil devoted to ancient seeds, like rye and small spelt.

La Raia also turned out to be an authentic biodiversity oasis for bees and other pollinating insects, which can still find such a variety of nectars and pollens able to grant to beehives health and productivity all year long, as it used to be in the past. The farm now produces three organic honeys: an aromatic early summer wildflower honey, a unique honeydew honey and a monofloral acacia honey.

Cereals, stone round flours and our meat can be bought through portaNatura, the service of selection and home delivery of products, vegetables and fruits produced by La Raia or by other biodynamic farms in the surroundings.

Demeter Certification

La Raia is a biodynamic farm, Demeter certified since 2007. It is one of the 45 wine certified companies in Italy.
For over half a century the international Demeter trademark has been granting the correct implementation of the biodynamic principles to cultivations and food productions all over the world.


  • Organic Honey
  • Cereals
  • Fassone meat

La Raia: bees’ oasis

For several years and good reasons, La Raia has been hosting many of my beehives. Within the 180 hectares of the estate there are a lake full of fishes, hundreds-year-old oak, cherry, acacia, linden and chestnut woods, fields and pastures where cows, horses and poultry can graze free, cereals and leguminous fields, besides the vineyards of the native Cortese vine.


Ancient cereals

Within the estate we cultivate 50 hectares of soil devoted to ancient seeds such as monococcum and dicoccum einkorn, small spelt and rye. We alternate different cultivations by following crop rotation according to the biodynamic agricultural principles and, all of our products are Demeter certified.

Carne Fassona

Fassone meat

We perceive La Raia as an unicum in which land, plants, animals and human presence are well balanced. In our grazing lands we breed free Fassona cows, a prestigious race for its meat.
Our animals are let-free all year long excluding the times when it snows.