The new resort in the Piedmont hills

Locanda La Raia is the green mansion recently opened within the estate, following a new hospitality concept. It is situated along the “mansions road”, between Gavi and Novi Ligure, where once the most fascinating summerhouses of the Genoese aristocracy could be…

A new meaning to things

“Kintsukuro” is the Japanese word for the habit of fixing pottery, filling cracks with liquid gold: from a broken object, you can hence obtain a new one – unique and precious –, which shows how beauty can be found also…

Vineyards, ospitality and art

Working, territorial enhancement and sustainable projects, which keep on renovating, but also ospitality projects representing new challenges: La Raia and its Locanda in the Gavi region, Planeta farms in Sicily, Lageder in Alto Adige are among the pioneers of the biodynamic farming.…

Ten resorts in the Italian vineyards

  • 30 August 2017      |
  • - Viaggi 24 - ilsole24ore.com

Viaggi 24, the travel magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore, lists us among the most beautiful resorts in the vineyards, in Italy. And the upcoming grape harvest is surely the best moment for visiting us and observing the Cortese harvesting in La…

Repairing things does business (and reduce waste)

The Edinburgh Remakery is an innovative retail, which teaches how to repair things and then successfully sells those brought back to life. Sewing fabrics and mending disused clothes, repairing computers and televisions are the first steps of a business, which might…

Magnífica Turín

  • 27 July 2017      |
  • - Travesias

Lorenza Scalisi writes for Travesias, Mexican luxury lifestyle and travel magazine, the saudade mansion in South Piedmont, Locanda La Raia included.

Locanda La Raia

  • 18 July 2017      |
  • - Domus Web

Domus, the architecture and design magazine, devotes a story to Locanda La Raia, recently opened in our estate. Thanks to the intervention of deamicisarchitetti, it was possible to create an inn of charme out of an old tavern in the…

Culture on the farm

Tourism, biodynamic farming, art and education have come together at La Raia estate in Piedmont, where De Amicis Architetti have rehabilitated an old village, making the most of the connection between buildings and landscape.