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How to get to La Raia

La Raia is situated in Strada di Monterotondo 79, Novi Ligure (AL), Italy.
You can reach the farm by taking the A7 Milan-Genoa motorway route, Serravalle Scrivia exit.
After the tollgate, keep driving in Serravalle Scrivia centre direction. At the roundabout turn left towards Serravalle Scrivia and take the first street on the right (uphill) a few meters afterwards. Continue driving for about 6 kilometres, following the Monterotondo direction.
In Monterotondo take the cemetery and the church on the left as a reference point and once you get into the small town of Monterotondo, follow the Novi Ligure arrow for approximately 2 kilometres. Pass the Zerbe Inferiori indication and go on for about 300 meters: La Raia entrance, opening on a long wooded drive, is on the left.

Società Agricola La Raia s.s.
Strada Monterotondo 79, 15067
Novi Ligure (Alessandria) Italy
Phone +39 0143 743685
skype +39 0143 743685

The phone number is active also on weekends for purchases and wine-tastings

Sales department
Valeria Laguzzi info@la-raia.it

Wine Tour
Elena Passi winetour@la-raia.it

Paola Caielli administration@la-raia.it

Joao Mendes de Almeida
Phone +39 0143 642860

Fondazione La Raia
Chiara Rainieri
Phone +39 02 48548202

Ass. Intorno al Melo
and Waldorf school – Steiner

Caterina Rossi Cairo
Phone +39 393 2469888

Tom Dean
Phone +39 348 7446271 /
+39 0143 745407