Artists and artworks

The contributions of artists, coming from Italy and abroad, have enriched Gavi’s territory favoring a critical reflection on the landscape and nature.

Art, culture and territory

From  Remo Salvadori, who was invited for the inauguration of Fondazione La Raia in 2013, to Korean artist Koo Jeong A. with OUSSSER, from Michael Beutler with his coloured BALES 2014/2017 to Cosimo Veneziano with project BIOMEGA at Tenuta Cucco, and also Francesco Jodice with his manifold project dedicated to Gavi, and Adrien Missika, whose Palazzo delle Api got the special mention Fondazione d’Impresa: the artists that collaborated with Fondazione La Raia have left a tangible mark of their vision on the landscape that you are invited to discover.

Cosimo Veneziano

Cosimo Veneziano’s activity is characterized by a long research and several workshops on archive reading and is focused on the development of sculptures and drawings in a close correlation with the places that inspired them.

Francesco Jodice

In his artistic search Francesco Jodice examines the changes in the current social landscape, with a close attention to urban anthropology phenomena and to the creation of new participation processes.

Adrien Missika

Using different media, drawing and photography, videos and sculpture and even immersive installations, Adrien Missika narrates his experience in far-away places in distant corners of the world. Like a new travel painter, Missika in his works eliminates the distinction between reality and fiction.

Michael Beutler

Michael Beutler is a German artist famous for his large sculpture installations created with simple cheap materials linked to craftmanship.

Koo Jeong A.

Koo Jeong A. mainly deals with the creation of spaces. The most important aim of her interventions is “giving a soul to space”.

Remo Salvadori

Remo Salvadori is an exponent of the generation that came after the current of Poor and Conceptual Art. In his works he develops a new concept and expression of the artwork, experiencing art as a revelation.