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The most beautiful Italian vineyards to host a wedding

Italy remains the most loved destination. Locanda La Raia is among the most beautiful vineyards to host a wedding according to Condé Nast Traveler.


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Sustainable Piedmont wines to try for Earth Day

On SommTV magazine, Gavi Pisé 2019 is among the choices of managing editor Nicole MacKay, in a list of wines that represents the commitment of the region…

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A weekend in the Gavi lands, the «genovese Piedmont»

Beba Marsano talks about Gavi on Vanity Fair. A journey through art, cellars and restaurants. La Raia is not missing the list.

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15 go-to cold-weather white wines

On Vinepair, Pamela Vachon asked 15 great sommeliers their personal go-to cold-weather white wine.

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Stops and discoveries among the pleasures of wine culture

Autumn times, wine times: Lucilla Incorvati, on the Sole 24 Ore online, highlights La Raia among the most interesting places in Italy to stay and do some tasting.

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When resorts and boutique hotels become art galleries

On Io Donna, an Italian journey through elegant resorts and boutique hotels where you can sleep among works by famous names of contemporary creativity: La Raia is among them, with its Locanda and…

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Tami Izko in harmony with nature

On Robinson, the cultural insert of Repubblica, Bettina Bush writes about Tami Izko’s Inventory, the new artwork created for Fondazione La Raia.

Una vita Bio edited by Giuliana Zoppis

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Thoughts to “mend” the Planet

For six months the International Exhibition showed meaningful projects, products, systems and interfaces to answer some of nowadays big questions.

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Responsible holidays

June 2nd is the international day for responsible tourism, that Italy subscribed to through AITR.

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Seeding biodiversity

Urban vegetable growing works are multiplying: green pieces saved from concrete and daily nurtured among buildings.

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Spring for sustainable development

SPRING, the national technological cluster of green chemistry, was founded in 2012 to promote low carbon emission bioindustries.

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Protecting biodiversity, for the benefit of all of us

Conscious actions are needed to stop the dangerous unprecedented loss of biodiversity that we are currently experiencing.

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A forest to feel well among the skyscrapers

The new forest at the skyscrapers’ foot around Piazza Gae Aulenti is the third big park in Milan city centre.