A unique ecosystem of nature

A mosaic of natural environments with a high level of biodiversity: this is La Raia's landscape.

A balanced and harmonic place in all its components

The 50 hectares of Cortese and Barbera vineyards are just one piece of the extraordinary mosaic of plant environments that is La Raia. Just walk along one of the estate's trails and you will enjoy the variety of this highly biodiverse landscape.

The great crown of chestnut, acacia and elder woods around La Raia frames our vineyards, meadows for grazing Fassone cows, fields cultivated with ancient cereals, hedges, which are essential for the life of small species, two lakes, small streams, such as the one from which La Raia takes its name, along which local essences are periodically planted.

You will also find many widespread or more recently created gardens, such as the rose garden near the manor house and the Italian herb gardens at the entrance to the Locanda, our relais, and the ones surrounding the Borgo. The great variety of flowers attracts, in addition to bees, a multitude of pollinating insects, to whose fundamental importance for life on the planet Adrien Missika has dedicated 'Palazzo delle Api', a work that is part of the Fondazione La Raia collection.

Even our farming practices, starting with green manure along the rows of vines that are green and in bloom in spring, are focussed on maintaining this balance through conscious choices aimed at preserving the land for future generations.

"Agriculture that is the roots of our future"

In 2003 we purchased the first La Raia estates in the Gavi hills of lower Piedmont. My children suggested to me the biodynamic path to rediscover the original note of this land that has been preserving the native Cortese grape for centuries. It was an approach consistent with the desire to create a balanced and harmonious place in all its components: agriculture and landscape but also architectural, social and cultural.

That intuition gave birth to La Raia, a Demeter-certified biodynamic farm that extends over 180 hectares, including vines, pastures, arable land and woods. The farm's activities have been joined over the years by a Steiner school, run by my daughter Caterina together with the Cascina del Melo association, and PortaNatura, her husband Tom Dean's initiative dedicated to the production, marketing and home delivery of fruit, vegetables and organic products.

Over time we have restored Borgo Merlassino, an ancient farming village, with an extraordinary view over the Gavi woods and vineyards, now open to cultural events and initiatives. In 2017 Locanda La Raia was inaugurated: once a post station and resting place for travellers, today it is a relais that proposes a new concept of hospitality, marked by authenticity, made up of relaxed times in refined spaces in harmony with the beauty of the surrounding nature.

In 2013, we established Fondazione La Raia - arte cultura territorio with the aim of promoting critical reflection on the great theme of landscape at a national level. Artists, intellectuals and landscape architects are called upon to operate at La Raia in order to give it a further interpretation and create a new identity. 

Our awareness of the importance of biodynamic, high-quality, sustainable agriculture that values diversity and preserves the land for future generations has led us to realise new initiatives. We became a shareholder of EcorNaturaSì, the most important Italian producer and distributor of organic and biodynamic products. In 2015 we took over Tenuta Cucco in Serralunga d'Alba, one of the best areas for the production of Barolo, present with its landscapes and vineyards in the Unesco World Heritage List. This is a new step in our project that has seen the organic cultivation method extended to the vineyards of Tenuta Cucco.

Our commitment to this multifaceted project is constantly renewed, we are passionate about it and involve more and more friends and supporters of an agriculture that represents the roots of our future. We invite you to visit us; we will be happy to share our passion with you.

Giorgio Rossi Cairo