The mission

Fondazione La Raia - arte cultura territorio was established with the aim to promote in Italy and abroad a critical reflection on the landscape through contributions that cover several fields of study.

Promoting the territory through art

Fondazione La Raia-arte cultura territorio was created with the aim of promoting, both in Italy and abroad, critical reflections on the landscape, in all of its most typical features: geographical, social, cultural, productive, agricultural and aesthetic ones. The Foundation develops, organises and supports artistic, educational, scientific and research activities, especially the branches of knowledge that focus on the relationship between man and nature, biodynamic farming and Steiner pedagogy, and the history and traditions of the Gavi territory.

Ilaria Bonacossa, curator and critic, is the artistic director and the Scientific Board includes Flavio Albanese, Marco Galateri di Genola, Vicente Todolì, Stefano Baia Curioni and James Bradburne.