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Over the years, La Raia wines have received prizes and awards, confirming that respect and attention to the land always give quality.

Piemonte DOC Barbera Largé 2013


Slow Wine 2019: Toasted aromas of ripe fruit and sweet spices. Soft finish

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Bibenda 2019: 4 Grapes

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Vini Buoni d’Italia 2019: 3 Stars

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Go Wine: Cantine d’Italia 2018, worth to taste

Piemonte DOC Barbera 2016

Slow Wine 2018: Easy-to-drink wine

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Bibenda 2018: Four grapes

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Gambero Rosso 2018: two black glasses

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Go Wine: Cantine d’Italia 2018, worth to taste

Gavi DOCG Riserva Vigna Madonnina 2016

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Gambero Rosso 2019: three red Glasses

Gavi DOCG Pisé 2015

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Bibenda 2019: Five Grapes


Slow Wine 2019: Al naso aromi fruttati, sentori di erbe aromatiche e spezie pungenti. Vena minerale

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Vini buoni d’Italia 2019: Three Stars

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Gambero Rosso 2019: Two Glasses

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Go Wine. Cantine d’Italia 2019: Top wine

Gavi DOCG 2017


Slow Wine 2019: Rich and broad, with strong scents of white flowers and yellow ripe fruit. Robust in the mouth, with fine volume

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Prosit (ONAV): Balanced palate, with an extremely clean finish

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Vini Buoni d’Italia 2019: Crown, Audience’s Crown 4 stars

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