Visit the Winery

La Raia winery, covering over 2,500 square meters, is a building made unique by its design and by the technological solutions employed. Created by architect Ivana Porfiri, it is a flagship for the whole of Piedmont and a good example of how technology, tradition and design can be combined.

Austrian Martin Rauch, who pioneered modern technical applications for traditional rammed earth construction – helped us complete the construction of the pisé wall: a demanding project, due to the wall length and depth.

Today this is the only rammed earth wall by Rauch in Italy.

La Raia winery is open to experts and enthusiasts who want to know closely about biodynamic farming and winemaking techniques.

The winery is frequently visited also by professionals and enthusiasts who want to know more about how the rammed earth technique was used in an architectural context which surprisesfor its ability of putting together old and modern materials – such as steel, layered wood and glass – and old building techniques.

Visits are private and by appointment only. It is possible to ask for a visit in English as well.

Contact us to find out more info about the visit to the winerycontattaci.