Premium deals

Each premium deal offers you the chance to escape from the routine to seek a corner of pleasant well-being and is designed to make you live in complete safety the whole world La Raia.


The right time to face with the landscape and spend a night among the wonders of Gavi.

Discovering Gavi

Our land, a treasure to be discovered entirely: in its food and wine excellences and in its hilly landscapes.

Relax & taste

Locanda La Raia invites you to combine relax among Gavi’s gentle hills and a Michelin starred gastronomic experience.

One more night

Why don’t take an extra night and more time for yourself? This package is made for make your stay even more relaxing.


We have designed this package for those who want to dedicate some time to their well-being without giving up the taste of the cuisine of Gavi.

Photographic picnic with challenge

Locanda La Raia invites its photography enthusiast guests to walk the vineyards, the woods, the meadows and the “Path of the art” to take pictures that best represent their stay.