Fondazione La Raia is born. Art Culture and Environment

On Saturday 22nd June, the Fondazione La Raia will stage the first event of the project entitled Nel paesaggio, inaugurating three permanent works by Remo Salvadori, an artist of International standing, capable of tracing those harmonic cycles in which all the primary elements interact. Nel momento, a vertical installation of 16 elements in tin on the southern face of the house; Sabato piantare il cipresso…, along the main pathway leading across the estate, made of marble, water and natural essences; and Continuo infinito presente, a never‐ending ring of steel cables, which will be created in the presence of the guests on the day of the opening. In the notebook Dialogo tra Remo Salvadori e Elio Franzini, curated by Matilde Marzotto Caotorta and published by Corraini Edizioni, Remo Salvadori's key themes dialogue with the reflections offered by Elio Franzini, professor of Aesthetics at Milan University. This original contribution brings to light a fascinating reading of the relationship between art and our own interpretation of nature. "Through the Nel paesaggio project" states Irene Crocco, artistic director of the Fondazione La Raia, "we are asking what it really means to know and experience the landscape. We want to set out on a path of discovery and interpretation of a territory and of a specific place, La Raia, chosen by the Rossi Cairo family, who have greatly characterised it thanks to their search for harmony in all its various dimensions. Today, the interventions offered by Remo Salvadori and the reflections of Elio Franzini invite us to undertake a new and highly involving experience, yet within a familiar landscape. Also in the future, La Raia aspires to constitute a place for meeting, stimulation and reflection, open to unprecedented experiences both on a national and international level". Nel paesaggio is a project created by Irene Crocco and the Fondazione La Raia, with the collaboration of Matilde Marzotto Caotorta and the support of the Town Council of Novi Ligure.