Over the years, Fondazione La Raia has promoted several events and public debates: food for thought on culture, the landscape and the territory through different art disciplines.

The landscape as an experience, to live and to share

The Fondazione develops topics that are consistent with the values that the Rossi Cairo family has instilled into their biodynamic farm La Raia since 2002: working in harmony with the environment, respecting the nature’s cycles, enhancing the work of the people who live and act in this place.

Besides inviting artists, philosophers, landscape painters, photographers and architects to experience new interpretation keys in the Gavi landscape, Fondazione La Raia organized public events and debates dedicated to a critical knowledge of the landscape. Protagonists of this were Gilles Clément and the French group Coloco with Nicolas Bonnenfant, Miguel Georgieff and Pablo Georgief, Paolo D’Angelo, Adriana Veríssimo Serrão, Francesco Jodice and Francesco Zanot, Stefanie Hessler and Franco Farinelli.

Oak Barrel Baroque: Michael Beutler returns to La Raia

Il Corsaro Nero e la vendetta del Gavi, la performance

Seascapes/Paesaggi di mare

Landscapes in movement 2

Landscapes in movement 1

Sentiment of beauty

What We Want

Remo Salvadori at Fondazione La Raia

The landscape of philosophers and artists

Fondazione La Raia is born. Art Culture and Environment

Continuo infinito presente, the artwork that inaugurated Fondazione La Raia