Small spelt

Small spelt gives a flour that needs a shorter leavening compared to the other flour types. It has a deep yellow colour, a strong taste of aromatic essences and a unique scent. Due to the low gluten content, the small spelt flour dough is less chewy and more crumbly than the dough obtained from other types of flour.

Its history

Small spelt is considered the first cereal “tamed” by man, probably around 8000 B.C. in the Middle East. It is cultivated at La Raia following the biodynamic farming methods.

Its properties

This cereal has many properties, such as a high protein content, a low quantity of saturated fatty acids and a very low starch content. Moreover, it has a high quantity of microelements (iron, phosphorus and potassium), a high quantity of antioxidants and yellow pigments (carotenoids) and tocols (Vitamin E).