Piemonte D.O.C. Bianco Passito

Biodynamic Piedmontese White Wine

La Raia’s Passito was produced for the first time in 2021, from the Cortese grapes grown according to the biodynamic farming principles.

The soil

La Raia has been growing and processing Cortese grapes for over twenty years. They are famous for their delicacy and ability to evolve and age, proven by our Gavi Pisé. For a few years now, it has been exalted by, besides a long stay on yeasts, a passage in oak barrels. Now we have decided to concentrate the peculiar characteristics of this gentle cultivar through an ancient process: the drying on racks imported from Veneto. The final product is a Passito with a well-defined structure, that adds new facets to a grape whose most popular version is the vintage Gavi.

Clara Milani – Oenologist at Tenimenti Rossi Cairo


The grapes are subject first to a green harvest in the vineyard in order to facilitate the maturation of the best bunches and to safeguard their complete wholesomeness. After the manual harvest in small baskets, the bunches are delicately put on racks in the wine cellar, in a ventilated and cool area in order to benefit the drying process which takes about one month to reach the desired concentration. This is the most delicate step in the whole process, a good drying is achieved only with berries which remain intact until the end of the process.


The entire process requires almost one year and includes: the crushing of the whole bunches, the fermentation in stainless steel, the subsequent aging in French oak and finally the ageing in the bottle.

Tasting notes

Its colour is amber yellow with golden nuances that remind the acacia honey produced at La Raia. La Raia’s Passito has a well-balanced sweetness with a strong acidic character that are typical of the Cortese grapes. The taste of sundried apricots is clearly perceptible, as well as peaches in syrup, candied fruit and acacia honey keeping all the elements together.

Grapes are 100% Cortese, the alcohol content is 14 degrees.

Perfect pairing

Its sweetness and sapidity make it very adaptable with food, especially along cheese and desserts. Like an aged Barolo, it can be considered as a meditation wine.

Perfect storage

If stored in a cool dry place and in the dark, at 10°/18° C, bottles may last for over 10 years.

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