Piemonte DOC Pinot Nero

Biodynamic piedmontese red wine

A classic and, in the Gavi hills, unexpected wine variety, a refined interpretation produced in limited quantities.

The soil

Grapes are sourced from a north-facing vineyard, with a typical white soil. The conduction system applied is Guyot.


The bunches we use to produce the Piemonte D.O.C Pinot Nero are small and compact. Grapes are carefully hand harvested at approximately the end of August.

Wine making

After a soft bunch-crushing, the must begins a skin contact fermentation with the native yeast. The daily pumping-over provides extraction of the colour and tannins to build the structure.
The alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel continues then slowly for one week. The racking follows, which is the separation of the liquid from the peel. The wine stays at about 20 degrees until the malolactic fermentation is completed.
After some transfers that are necessary for clarification of the wine, it is then put into oak barrels for ageing. The bottling takes place after about 12 months; it stays 6 months in the bottle before it goes to market.
It is only produced in the best years and in small quantities.

Tasting notes

COLOUR: ruby red with light purple reflections.
AROMA: red fruit notes, like raspberry. Floral notes like red rose and violets.
TASTE: crisp and juicy. Harmonic and balanced. Persistent after taste notes of red fruits and wood sweetness.

Perfect pairing

We recommend it with white meat, tasty fish and roasted pork.
But it is a versatile wine and can pair, for instance, with vegetarian cuisine as well.
Best served: between 18° and 20° C.

Perfect storage

Bottles should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place, at a temperature between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius.

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