Gavi D.O.C.G. Pleo

Biodynamic Piedmontese White Wine

The Gavi which interprets the tradition of the terroir and identifies the typical characteristics of the Cortese vine variery from which it originates.

The terroir

The vineyarded soil at La Raia is calcareous and clayish, it extends at approximately 400 metres above sea level with a south-east-west exposure. A crown of vineyards distributed around the cellar, with an average density of 4500 vines per hectare. According to the farm’s core philosophy that complies with the biodynamic principles, the vines are farmed without any use of chemicals.


Cortese grapes for Gavi production benefit of the typical microclimate of our area, which highly concentrates its activation within the vineyards located around the cellar. The grapes are healthy and present a good sugar rate and a balanced acidity; this allows us to produce a very pleasant and easy to drink white wine.

Wine making

Grapes are handpicked around mid-September and, after a careful selection, they are destemmed. In this way grapes only arrive in the wine press for a delicate pressing. After the natural decantation, must is put in stainless steel tanks to avoid microbiological alteration which could compromise the wine quality. The alcoholic fermentation lasts 15/20 days and takes place at the controlled temperature of 18° C. The wine is left on native yeasts for about 3/4 months; it is then cold stabilized, before being bottled in March. This me-thod helps to obtain a fresh, ready to drink wine.

Tasting notes

COLOUR: is straw yellow, with slight greenish hints.
AROMA: offers a particularly fine mineral feeling and notes of fruit and white flowers.
MOUTHFEEL: lively, balanced, with a fresh acidity, which increases its persistance and favours its drinkability. A slight almondish finish.
Contains sulphites

Perfect pairing

Excellent as aperitif, paired with hors d’oeuvres and fish ragù or vegetable first courses. It is the perfect match also for seafood, white meat and fresh young cheese.
BEST SERVED: Between 10° and 12° C.

Tips for a perfect storage

If stored in a cool dry place, and in the dark, at 10°/18° C, bottles keep unaltered up to 3/4 years.


Respecting the earth gives great quality. Gavi D.O.C.G. has received several awards over the years and we are happy to share them with you.

  • WOW!: Gold
  • I vini di Veronelli 2023: 2 stars
  • Gambero Rosso 2023: 2 glasses
  • Vitae. La guida vini 2023: 3 vines
  • Doctor Wine: 92/100
  • I vini di Veronelli 2022: 2 stelle
  • Intravino: 89 punti
  • Vini buoni d’Italia 2022: 2 stelle
  • Gambero rosso 2022: 2 bicchieri
  • Bibenda 2022: 4 grappoli
  • Vitae. La guida vini 2022: 3 viti
  • Doctor Wine 2022: 90 punti
  • 91 punti
  • Golosaria: Top Hundred
  • Vini buoni d’Italia 2021: 4 stelle
  • Vitae. La guida vini : 3 viti gialle
  • Doctor Wine 2021: 90 punti
  • I Vini di Veronelli: 2 stelle
  • Gambero Rosso: 2 bicchieri
  • Bibenda: 4 grappoli
  • Slow Wine: Floreale al naso e avvolgente in bocca, piacevolmente fresco con una decisa chiusura ammandorlata.
  • Vitae: 2 grappoli
  • Slow Wine 2019: Ricco e ampio dai profumi intensi di fiori bianchi e frutta gialla matura. Bocca compatta di buon volume
  • Prosit (ONAV): Al palato è equilibrato, lungo e di grande pulizia nel finale
  • Vini Buoni d’Italia 2019: Corona del Pubblico, 4 stelle
  • Slow Wine 2018: Vino quotidiano, ottimo. Intensi sentori floreali. Equilibrio perfetto al palato tra corpo succoso e fresca acidità
  • Bibenda 2018: 5 grappoli
  • Gambero Rosso 2018: 2 Bicchieri rossi
  • Vitae: La guida vini 2018, vino giovane, fresco, di facile beva
  • Go Wine: Cantine d’Italia 2018, vino da provare
  • Slow Wine 2017: Acidità equilibrata che lo rende fresco, vivace e di ottima beva
  • Bibenda 2017: 3 grappoli
  • I vini di Veronelli 2017: Due Stelle, Vino ottimo
  • Vinibuoni d’Italia 2017: 3 stelle
  • Gambero Rosso 2017: 2 Bicchieri rossi
  • Vitae. La guida vini 2017: Vino di ottimo profilo
  • Slow Wine 2016: Esalta le caratteristiche dell’uva Cortese
  • I vini di Veronelli 2016: 1 stella
  • Gambero Rosso 2016: 1 bicchiere
  • I vini d’Italia 2016: 4 bottiglie – 16.5/20
  • Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 2016: 84/100
  • I vini d’Italia 2015, le Guide de L’Espresso: Vino ottimo
  • I vini di Veronelli 2015: Vino molto buono
  • Bibenda 2015: Tre grappoli
  • Guida Essenziale ai Vini d’Italia: 86/100, Vino dall’ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo
  • Gambero Rosso 2015: Due bicchieri
  • Vini buoni d’Italia 2015: Tre stelle
  • Slow Wine 2015: Vino quotidiano
  • Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 2015: 85/100
  • I vini d’Italia 2014, Le Guide de L’Espresso: Vino ottimo
  • I vini di Veronelli 2014: 87/100 Vino molto buono
  • Bibenda 2014: Tre grappoli
  • Annuario dei migliori vini italiani 2014: 85/100
  • I vini buoni d’Italia 2014: Quattro stelle

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