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The collection

The estate tells about the richness of the land and all the characteristics of the vines, through a conscious and scrupulous vinification. Each wine label expresses its color and its taste at its best.

Gavi DOCG Pisé

The best expression of the farm’s philosophy. It surprises for its longevity and and its nose evolution during the first days after opening: a continuous discovery of scents which are released in time.

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Gavi DOCG Riserva Vigna Madonnina

It embodies the terroir’s tradition. Grapes are handpicked slightly ripe, with a golden yellow colouring. A complex aroma of ripe fruit, honey and candied fruit characterizes the wine obtained.


The Gavi which interprets the tradition of the terroir and identifies the typical characteristics of the Cortese vine variery from which it originates.

Piemonte DOC Barbera Largé

The selection of the best vines from the local oldest vineyards. This wine is produced only in exceptional vintages. It is refined in barriques for 20 months and can age in the bottle for over 10 years.

Piemonte DOC Barbera

The typical red wine from Piedmont. It has the right balance between freshness and acidity.

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