Piemonte DOC Barbera Largé

Biodynamic Piedmontese White Wine

The selection of the best vines from the local oldest vineyards. This wine is produced only in exceptional vintages. It is refined in barriques for 20 months and can age in the bottle for over 10 years.

The soil

La Raia’ soil dedicated to Barbera vine farming is marly, calcareous and extends at approximately 380 metres above sea level, positioned south-south west. The vineyards, raised with the Guyot method, has a density of 4500 vines per hectare. A grapevine mass selection has been created for this implant: thousands of shoots have been grafted, accurately choosing the best vines from the most ancient vineyards of the area. No fertilizers or chemical products are used for farming.


This wine is produced only in exceptional vintages. When the Barbera grapes are perfect and analysis show the physic and organoleptic characteristics for the production of a great wine.

Wine making

Around mid-October grapes are handpicked and put in crates to be brought into the cellar; the bunches are then selected one by one, removing those unsuitable. After the destemmer-pressing, the must begins its fermentation with natural lees and on the skin. The following day pumpovers start to extract colour and aroma. The alcoholic fermentation continues slowly for 15 days, then the must is left for another 10 days in contact with its own skins. Racking, i.e. the sepa- ration of the liquid from the skins, follows. The wine is kept at a temperature of 20° C for about one month, to favour the malolactic fermentation. After some decanting necessary to make the product clearer, the wine is refined in barriques. It is then bottled after about 20 months.

Tasting notes

COLOUR: ruby garnet-red, very intense, with slight purplish hints.
THE AROMA: broad and intense, suggesting chocolate and spices, blackberry and dog rose.
MOUTH FEEL: full-bodied, harmonic, with balanced tannic sensations and a sweet, persistent finish.
Contains sulphites

Perfect pairing

The features and structure make it the perfect match for roasted and braised red meat and mature cheese.
Best served: between 18° and 20° C.

Perfect storage

If stored in a cool dry place, and in the dark, at 10°/18° C, bottles keep unaltered for 8/10 years.


Respecting the earth gives great quality. Piemonte DOC Barbera Largé has received several awards over the years and we are happy to share them with you.

  • I Vini di Veronelli: Two Stars
  • Gambero Rosso: Two Glasses
  • Bibenda: Three Grapes
  • Slow Wine: An intense scent with spicy notes and hot; it is rightly tannic and has a good general taste balance.
  • Vitae: Three Grapes
  • Slow Wine 2019: Toasted aromas of ripe fruit and sweet spices. Soft finish
  • Bibenda 2019: 4 Grapes
  • Vini Buoni d’Italia 2019: 3 Stars
  • Go Wine: Cantine d’Italia 2018, worth to taste
  • Slow Wine 2018: Toasted and spicy hints, together with traces of ripe red fruits. Juicy in mouth. Vibrant acidity
  • Bibenda 2018: 4 Grapes
  • Gambero Rosso 2018: one black glass
  • Go Wine: Cantine d’Italia 2018, worth to taste
  • Bibenda 2017: 4 Grapes
  • I Vini di Veronelli 2017: Two Stars
  • Vini buoni d’Italia 2017: Four Stars
  • Gambero Rosso 2017: 1 black Glass
  • I Vini di Veronelli 2016: 2 stars
  • I vini di Veronelli 2015: Excellent wine
  • Gambero Rosso 2015: Two glasses
  • I vini di Veronelli 2014: Excellent wine
  • I vini buoni d’Italia 2014: Adequate good wine
  • VIII Rassegna Vini Bio BiodiVino: Silver Medal
  • Millesime Bio 2012: Silver Medal

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